I do or I don’t : Wear a garter on your wedding day?

An evening with the girls quirky turned into a conversation full of weddings and babies. We got onto the topic of garters Рone of the oldest wedding traditions. The tradition supposedly backdates to 14th century England where wedding guest believed that it was meant to bring luck and fortune to the happy couple. Although the tradition was for the groom to remove the garter from the bride and throw to the male guests, the tradition has become slightly more refined and they seem to simply pose for the garter photo. Anyway back to the conversation Рwould you wear one to your wedding? Even the thought of my Dad seeing this event happen makes me shudder. We came to the conclusion that we would wear one for the sake of wearing one and nothing else.

What are your thoughts – Would you? or Wouldn’t you?

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To Veil or not to Veil

veil 2
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This past weekend, the bestie and I got down to some wedding chat – her wedding not mine. The topic of choice – to veil or not to veil? We both looked at each other and said NO, but why? I’m not completely apposed to them and whilst flicking through bridal mags I think they look amazing and really add a little something something. Maybe it’s because we’re not hat people, maybe it’s because we love our hair too much or maybe veils are becoming a thing of the past?

What do you think Ladies – Did you or will you rock a veil on your wedding day?

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Summer Wedding Hairspiration

wedding 4
wedding 7
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Hair is a massive part of your big day, there are so many options to choose from, but what do you go with? Do you go up or do you go down? Straight or wavy? Short or long? So many option ……. so we have picked our current faves for you to have a quick look at.
What would you pick?

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Nice to Meet You

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So what to put on the first post? It’s always a little bit awkward. On FashionChampagne I found it easy, but that was because the blog was for ME, but this one is for my friends and all the ladies out there who have been dreaming or are planning for their BIG day.

So this is the beginning of a new project of mine – welcome to This Girl Can Dream – where we talk everything weddings.

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